‘What Have We Become’, the collaborative effort between Mick Jenkins and Ferge X Fisherman, is a deep dive into the themes of maturity and self-discovery. This track, from the much-anticipated ‘Good Mother’ album, blends the warmth of ’70s soul with the edge of contemporary hip-hop. The song’s introspective lyrics, combined with Jenkins’ powerful narrative, explore the challenges and revelations that come with growing up. The musical arrangement, featuring gospel choirs and vintage strings, creates a rich, layered sound that enhances the track’s reflective mood. This collaboration is a showcase of artistic excellence, with both parties bringing their unique strengths to the table. It encourages listeners to reflect on their own paths and the lessons learned along the way.

‘What Have We Become’ is more than a song; it’s a journey through the complexities of adulthood, articulated with empathy and insight. The track is a testament to the enduring power of music to connect, comfort, and inspire.

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