Static Res‘ latest album, ‘PLACES OF PLENTY,’ is a masterful showcase of the artist’s musical range and depth. From soulful and smooth intros to potent and catchy party anthems, the album offers a diverse listening experience that is both captivating and memorable.

One of the standout tracks is “PARTY FOUL,” a potent and infectious song that showcases Static Res’ ability to craft memorable hooks and melodies. The track’s catchy chorus and pulsing beat make it an instant party-starter, guaranteed to get listeners moving. The video was also selected to be screened at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (HRIFF) in Los Angeles, staged for a world premiere on February 22nd at LA LIVE. Check out the video for “PARTY FOUL” here:

Another highlight is the album’s intro, “ENTRADA,” which sets the tone for the rest of the record. The soulful and smooth track showcases Static Res’ introspective lyrics and sets the stage for the musical journey to come.

‘PLACES OF PLENTY’ is a testament to Static Res’ artistic prowess and versatility. With its potent and catchy tracks like “PARTY FOUL” and soulful intros like “ENTRADA,” the album is a must-listen for fans of innovative and dynamic music.

Born and raised in Maryland, Static Res is a multi-genre encompassing artist influenced by bedroom pop and old school hip-hop production. He currently has 5 albums out with sounds ranging from mellow alternative grooves to boom bap with hints of soulful R&B. As he began to self-produce some of his tracks in 2015 as a freshman in college at Ohio State University, Res studied great rapper-producers such as Mac Miller and J Dilla, learning from their craft. Static’s most recent album titled, PLACES OF PLENTY, executively produced by Art Grad, released everywhere December 1st, 2023. Give it a listen HERE, or stream it below on Spotify.

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Photo credit: Frank Most

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