Dynamic Detroit duo Valid and Stretch Money, known together as “Bill & Isiah,” have released a new single titled “Nine to Five,” solidifying their status as a creative force to be reckoned with. The track, which serves as a follow-up to their successful 2023 collaboration album, is set to become a Summer 2024 anthem with its catchy hook and relatable subject matter.

The production of “Nine to Five,” helmed by Vuk Starinac, boasts a lively and upbeat soundscape that underscores the duo’s charismatic performances. Valid and Stretch Money expertly exchange engaging verses, highlighting the effortless chemistry that has come to define their creative partnership.

A standout element of the track is its hypnotic, playful production, which artfully blends sleek keys, punchy percussion, and rich bass to create a sonic feast for the listener. The result is an irresistibly catchy tune that is destined to find its way onto playlists and radio airwaves alike.

In addition to the single’s sonic allure, the music video for “Nine to Five” further cements the duo’s unique artistic vision. Shot in various locations, including office settings and city streets, the video offers a playful take on the daily grind, with both artists showcasing their distinct styles and personalities.

This latest offering is a testament to their talent, camaraderie, and infectious energy, ensuring that “Bill & Isiah” remains a name to watch in the years to come.

Listen to “Nine to Five” here and watch the new music video while you’re at it.

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