Chicago-born artist GR3G has returned with an engaging new EP called HEAL FOR ME. Laced with potent personal narratives laid atop soulful production, HEAL FOR ME feels authentic and cathartic throughout. HEAL FOR ME presents an artist willing to lay his soul bare and directly connect with listeners- in a no holds barred fashion that is truly admirable. Songs like “HAVE I GROWN COMPLACENT?” are raw and confessional, backed by rich tapestries of production, as GR3G tackles topics that are thought-provoking and poignant. “LAKE SHORE” makes for a reflective highlight that finds GR3G reaching new heights lyrically atop lush instrumentation.

A journey through the mind of the artist in an impactful manner, HEAL FOR ME is an entrancing listen that finds GR3G putting his songwriting skills on center stage atop a set of warm, enticing beats. Give HEAL FOR ME a listen here now.

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