Thurgo Kush Unveils Mesmerizing Lyric Video for his Trending Single “Live it Up”
Following the immense success of his hit single “Live it Up,” hip-hop artist Thurgo Kush is back with an enthralling lyric video that takes fans on a captivating celestial journey. This stunning visual accompaniment adds a cosmic dimension to the already thrilling music of “Live it Up.”

Celebrating his 30th birthday on the day of the “Live It Up” release and experiencing his “Saturn return,” Thurgo Kush’s lyric video embarks on an otherworldly voyage. Set against the backdrop of outer space, the video features a UFO gracefully soaring back to Saturn, symbolizing the transformative power of his musical journey.

“Live it Up” continues to resonate with listeners worldwide, propelling Thurgo Kush to new heights in the hip-hop scene. The lyric video serves as a testament to the boundless creativity and visionary artistry that have become synonymous with his name.

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