Embark on a mesmerizing musical voyage with the latest EP from Skooly, the revered Atlanta legend. As an exemplary rapper and songwriter, he effortlessly captures the soul of the city’s lively music scene. Guided by the mentorship of the renowned 2 Chainz, Skooly has carved his own path, fashioning a distinctive sound that defines Atlanta’s modern musical landscape. Today, he unveils the highly-awaited second chapter of his EP, “Sleeping Giant,” an astonishing creation fully produced by the gifted maestro, Troy Taylor. Get ready to be captivated as Skooly showcases his artistry, pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible impact on the music world.

Troy Taylor: “Skooly Has a Very Distinct Sound and He’s Never Sounded Like anyone. I always felt like Young Thug took his style. Like what Young Thug ended up doing, he took from Skooly.” (Video Below)https://onerpm.link/sleepinggiants

“A sonic innovator and an architect of Atlanta’s melodic trap renaissance, credited as an influence by Young Thug among others, Skooly proves that he is one of rap’s most gifted songwriters, able to turn a mundane fact of life or an obscure metaphor into an addictive banger.” – ELEVATOR MAGAZINE

“From his days with Rich Kidz as a teen to signing to 2 Chainz’s T.R.U. imprint, Skooly’s career has undoubtedly played a role in shaping the sound of Atlanta today. Skooly’s unique mesh of bars and melodies leans closer to the R&B side while maintaining the grittiness of trap music. Each project and single showcases this marriage well.” – HOT, NEW, HIP HOP

Signed to the Respected T.R.U. Label, Helmed by the Visionary 2 Chainz, the Incomparable SKOOLY, Atlanta’s Young Trap Rap Legend, Joins Forces with the Legendary Troy Taylor, a Three-Time Grammy Winner and Mastermind Behind Countless Multi-Platinum Hits. Together, they Present to the World the Exquisite EP, “SLEEPING GIANTS – PART 2,” a Sequel to Skooly’s Sensational Offering from June 2023, “Sleeping Giant – Part 1,” which Boasted Collaborations with Key Glock, 2 Chainz, and Other Heavyweights, Produced by the Acclaimed Buddah Bless.

While “Sleeping Giants – Part 1” Showcased Skooly’s Inimitable Lyricism Enveloped by the Hard-Hitting Beats Crafted by Buddah Bless, “Sleeping Giants – Part 2” Unveils a Whole New Dimension of Skooly’s Brilliance. At the Tender Age of 28, Skooly’s Versatility as a Gifted Rapper and a Melodious Singer Takes Center Stage, Harmoniously Blending the Two Facets with Troy Taylor’s Legendary R&B-Influenced Production. Taylor’s Illustrious Career Includes Crafting Timeless Hits for Icons like Whitney Houston, Trey Songz, Aretha Franklin, Babyface, Boyz II Men, and Many More. Skooly’s Mesmerizing Lead Single and its Captivating Music Video, “Magical,” Extracted from the EP, Stand as Definitive Proof of the Magic that Awaits.

Prepare to Immerse Yourself in the Resounding World of “Sleeping Giants – Part 2” as Skooly and Troy Taylor Continue to Shape the Musical Landscape, Leaving a Lasting Impression that Echoes Through Time.


Sleeping Giants 2 tracklist:

1. Magical

2. Green Light

3. Swish Swish

4. Please Me

5. New Things

Stay tuned for more from SKOOLY and The Real University.

Stream Sleeping Giants – Part 2:  https://onerpm.link/sleepinggiants2 

Stream Sleeping Giant – Part 1 (Produced by Buddah Bless): https://lnk.to/SleepingGiant



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