When failure is truly not an option, every step taken can become your biggest success.  Defeating the odds will always start with a simple thought: a winner’s mindset, the absolute courage, confidence, and self-determination to put your plans into effect and go for the gold until the mission of triumph has been accomplished.

These unique attributes of strength, character, and frame of mind are often found in military heroes that have been awarded prestigious medals for their top-notch service and accomplishments.  Equally, Emcees Ras Ceylon (Oakland, CA) and Timbo King (Brooklyn, NY), along with producer Dawit Justice (Santa Ana, CA) share these treasured qualities and celebrate their countless victories for the People with “Jacket Fulla Medals”, their new music video, which is their 2nd single and title-track off their upcoming group album.

The visuals, directed by Celia Herrera a/k/a Selecta C for URBN Brands x HUMN Media, capture Ras Ceylon and Timbo King representing a mile above sea level in Denver and Morrison, Colorado (Red Rocks Park) delivering their inciteful bars of knowledge and enlightenment over Dawit Justice’s hard-hitting spellbinding production. Ras Ceylon addressed “Jacket Fulla Medalz” declaring, “This project illustrates hard work, patience, and sacrifice. We have each earned our jacket full of medals by continuously defeating any and all obstacles that face the People just like going to war with full metal jackets. You feel me? We are spearheading the battle for social change.” Timbo King added, “True indeed. We will forever be at war with those who fight to suppress truth and mentally enslave the People. We plan to continue earning more medals one win at a time. Stay in tune. Grind God make you find God. Salute!”

“Jacket Fulla Medalz” is the follow-up to the collective’s “Frontline Generalz” (https://youtu.be/PM27WbrK4Qs), which reached #1 on the coveted Hip Hop Gods‘ charts, and will serve as the cornerstone to their group album due out later this year.

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