Canarsie’s own Quelly Woo shows how time and perseverance matter in his newest single “T.A.P.” off the upcoming Time and Perseverance.

Differentiating from typical drill, “T.A.P.” expands on how fatigued Quelly is as he climbs his way to the top and sees himself as his only competition. 

Quelly uses the Jayybandz production to amplify his thoughts on who’s close to him and who’s not. Quelly rapsNo rest for the wicked, no rest for the weary, I miss my grandmother dearly. I could see through the fake love so clearly. I don’t want none of it near me.” 

The Gambino-directed visual gives us a glimpse into Quelly’s process working on new tracks in the studio with his crew. The dark blue hues used in the video are similar to that of the cover art adding to the emotions Woo discusses in the song. 

Time and Perseverance will be released on 3/17.

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