DMV artist nofacerapper has shared a new album called ‘And It Was Beautiful’. The talented emcee, who pairs raw, old school hip-hop influences with refreshing flourishes, sounds poised on this Foule Monk-produced project. Across this succinct, yet detailed, 8 track project, nofacerapper delivers line after line of hard-hitting, memorable lyricism atop Foule Monk’s diverse soundscapes. The mesmerizing keys and focused flows of “Rapier”, with an underlying creeping bass groove, make for an evocative listen. The distorted, futuristic boom-bap of “CDC”‘s silvery sound and powerful rhymes make it a highlight, while soulful closer “NFR Shippuden” finishes the project with vibrancy and style.

nofacerapper is a rising artist out of the DMV area. Inspired by the complexities of life, he’s embarked on his musical journey to share his personal experiences, weaving tales that touch on themes of God, family, and critiquing wack rappers. His latest project finds him piecing together potent, confident rhymes atop a series of textural instrumentals from Foule Monk.

Listen to nofacerapper’s latest project And It Was Beautiful and support the artists directly on Bandcamp HERE.

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