Music lovers around the world can now enjoy their favorite tunes on a new music streaming platform, Musicbox4musicians, which pays artists 100% of their royalties, and the integrated Musicbox4fans App. The platform, which is set to revolutionize the music industry, has been created by a team of passionate musicians who believe that artists should be fairly compensated for their hard work.

Artists get a custom QR code to share with their fans. Fans can listen to snippets and purchase artists’ songs to add to their playlists. Unlike Itunes, the artist has the ability to enter any price they choose for the content.

MusicBox4musicians initially offers artists a trial period and then charges a small monthly fee in the $3-$4 range for artists to use its platform. Unlike other music streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes, which pay artists a fraction of their royalties, MusicBox pays artists 100% of their earnings. This means that artists can earn a living from their music without having to rely on other sources of income. The platform also ensures that artists are paid promptly and accurately, with no hidden fees or charges.

The app was created by Frank Vale, a musician, and the software was built in San Francisco.

“We created MusicBox4musicians to give artists the recognition and compensation they deserve,” said the MusicBox team. “We believe that artists should be able to earn a living from their music, and that’s why we pay them 100% of their royalties. Our platform is designed to be fair, transparent, and easy to use, and we’re confident that music lovers will love what we have to offer.”

Spotify pays artists between $0.003 – $0.005 per stream on average. There has been long lasting and ever growing sentiment from independent artists that this is not survivable or scalable. With MusicBox4musicians the artists can release their choice of singles, albums or even exclusive limited releases to SuperFans.

MusicBox4musicians marketing launch manager Derek Lemire of Starbreakers Entertainment has run several tours and worked with over 1000 artists projects digitally over his 12 years in the business. Lemire notes “Ever since the invention of streaming, platforms like Spotify and Itunes have limited artists’ ability to set their own pricing and best control their relationship between their fans. What’s great about MusicBox4musicians, is even beyond fans being able to support their favorite artists without the DSP taking a big cut, there is a newsfeed to follow them as well.”

MusicBox offers a clean social feed where you can follow your favorite artists’ real news without being peppered by memes and other unwanted content. MusicBox4musicians is not just about supporting artists – it’s also about providing an exceptional music streaming experience for our listeners. Our platform offers a vast library of songs, spanning across genres and cultures, all at the highest possible audio quality. Whether you’re a fan of pop, hip-hop, rock, or classical music, MusicBox4musicians and Musicbox4fans has something for everyone.

“MusicBox is not just another music streaming platform; it’s a community of music lovers, artists, and fans,” said the MusicBox team. “We’re committed to supporting artists and helping them reach a wider audience. By using MusicBox4fans, music fans can enjoy their favorite tunes while knowing that they’re supporting their favorite artists.”

MusicBox4musicians is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit and

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