mary sue has caught our attention for his fresh album, titled Voice Memos From A Winter In China. Inspired by his experiences touring in China, depicted with vivid detail that feels like a sonic journal entry, Voice Memos From A Winter In China is a potent new release from the Singaporean artist that captivates from the get-go. With weaving, rich sampling instrumentals, organic percussion, and laid-back grooves that give the songs on Voice Memos From A Winter In China an immersive feel- sue drops off something personal, focused, and gripping with his new album.

mary sue has become known for his ability to piece together soulful tapestries while bringing forth vulnerable, relatable verses. On Voice Memos From A Winter In China, he lives up to this with a series of impactful songs that sit somewhere between abstract hip-hop, lo-fi, and boom-bap. A highlight appears in “Sortaaa”, a relaxed, pensive track that puts his lyrical skill at the forefront. “Dragon” feels potently focused and displays a strong artistic growth, while “Expired Toffee” is a track that lifts listeners away into another world with its ethereal sonics. Overall, Voice Memos From A Winter In China is a poignant collection of tracks that finds him at full strength as an artist. Give it a listen HERE on BandCamp and be sure to support the artist directly.

Listen to Voice Memos From A Winter In China here on Spotify:

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