Alexander Oswald Mowbray (born November 8, 2002), known exclusively as Lecky, is an Australian/Fijian rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. After years of releasing his music for free online, Lecky released his third studio album, ENEMIES 2 LOVERS, in February 2024 through LeckyENT. The album was met with critical and commercial success, and spawning the minor hit singles: “SECRETS”, “24 HOURS” and “MINUTE MAID”. Outside of his solo career, he is part the Melbourne-based hip hop collective LeckyENT.

He is of Fijian descent. Mowbray was born into an Australia family with Fijian ancestry, which included him and two other siblings. He lived in Melbourne his childhood due to his father being incarcerated, before being taken from his family by DHS to be put in a permanent home. Mowbray was taught to play guitar by his brother, and over the years gradually learned how to play several instruments. He started writing raps in his notebook at 7 years old. He started making beats when he was 14 and was initially producing his first single on July 4th 2020. He released his first song at 16 years old and continued making beats and producing songs.


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