Kardinal Bloo has dropped off a new project, titled Birds Rap Too. An eclectic, engaging project from front to back- Birds Rap Too is a boundary-pushing, potent new release. After the expansive opener “Progress or Die”, Kardinal displays an off-kilter yet deft, sleek flow on “SkiddleDeeDoo”, and goes on to dismantle a set of soulful, airy beats. A highlight appears in “The Bird In Us”, with its engaging rhythms and graceful instrumentation, paired with gripping bars. Birds Rap Too is truly a journey through abstract hip-hop psychedelica, with a warm, intriguing sound that remains layered and textural throughout.

Kardinal Bloo is a rapper/ bassist of Haitian descent from Arlington, Tx. While Kardinal’s always had a passion for music, he didn’t start creating tracks until he was studying medicine & psychology at the University of North Texas in Denton, initially under the name BlackFace Alien (BFA). Denton proved an excellent starting ground rife with open mics, house shows, and small venues that allowed Kardinal to master his stagecraft alongside his lyricism, giving birth to the style he likes to call “class conscious rap nonsense”. Kardinal Bloo earned a reputation for being an exhilarating and charming performer, which lead to him opening up for the likes of R.A.P. Ferreira and almost Homebody Sandman (a very annoying story he’ll tell you if you ask) before leaving Denton. As of 2024, Kardinal Bloo is based out of Austin, Texas. Give Kardinal Bloo’s latest record Birds Rap Too a listen here now.

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