JIG LeFrost has dropped off a fresh new project, titled Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me?. LeFrost’s lyrics reveal his life’s ups and downs, showcasing his ability to find beauty in the messiness of the world, and connecting with listeners on a deeper level. LeFrost has shared both virtual and physical stages with acts like Blvck Svm, The Good Perry, Maxo Kream, Billie Eilish, TI, and more. The rapper has also collaborated with multiple billboard #1 producers like Juberlee & Sims Cashion. LeFrost’s latest project, Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me? finds him thinking outside the box as a songwriter and lyricist, backed by a series of surreal, gripping instrumentals.

On Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me?, LeFrost’s versatile skillset shines through as he sounds at home on a wide variety of instrumentals. From the distorted, club-influenced bounce of the atmospheric opener “round the world (Intro)” to the airy melodics of “WHY?”, LeFrost proves he can handle it all. The starry, sleek keys and crunchy percussion of “dream girl” create a graceful, expansive soundscape for LeFrost’s poignant vocals, making for a project highlight. This space-age sound and motif is repeated throughout the project but presented in diverse ways, as made evident with the immense “DO YOU COPY” and the nocturnal “period”.

JIG LeFrost continues to carve his own trail with each release, and Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me? is no exception. Potent and bursting with off-the-wall creativity, Once in a Blue Moon: Have You Seen Me? is a layered project full of hypnotic, vibrant tracks. Give it a listen below now.

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