New York’s Jay Cinema and Chow have dropped off a new album called Alchemy. Chock full of and vividly rich lyricism and expansive, soulful beats, Alchemy is a potent project with many memorable moments. Cinema’s ruminative, introspective lyricism and Chow’s raw, emotive production pair together naturally, translating to a cohesive blend of traditional East Coast influences with a tangibly futuristic tinge. Songs like “Fly Wit Me” truly put Cinema’s lyrical abilities on display, with imagery rich lines that paint pictures in your mind. “What a Day” is a laid-back, infectious joint that neatly merges Cinema’s potent delivery with Chow’s raw sample chops. Posse cut closer “Blessings on Bless” with Big Flowers, dj noonsomewhere, and shemar is a hypnotic, immersive joint that closes the project out in a vibrant manner.

Jay Cinema is a visionary abstract hip-hop artist from Yonkers, New York, known for his boundary-pushing sound and thought-provoking lyrics- while producer Chow is a prolific beat-maker whose captivating, refreshing twist on underground hip-hop sounds merges particularly well with Cinema’s expressive style. Give their latest project Alchemy a listen below.

Connect with Jay Cinema: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Chow: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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