Hidden Renaissance have dropped off a new album titled BA SING SE. With its community-first, open approach to creation, Hidden Renaissance transcends the bounds of a record label or company. It is, instead, a revolutionary community that makes and releases music together as a shared creative experience. Their latest offering BA SING SE marks their largest collaboration ever, with over 200 artists competing to appear on it, crafting more than 300 songs in a 2 month period in the process. The final result is a curated, multi-genre ode and homage to the raw skill and diversity of the underground.

Taking some of the best the underground scene has to offer, Hidden Renaissance craft a vibrant, wide-ranging project with BA SING SE that puts soulful production and sharp lyricism at the forefront. “Electric Church” kicks off the album with a laid-back, graceful flavor, while “Call My Name!” continues the warmth of the opener with its nostalgic sampling atmospherics. “THE GAY AGENDA & DEAD PRESIDENTS”, with DAMAG3, OJ Mountain, LANO, Chaos 1.0 and Alkane is a super-charged rock-infused banger, with a tour-de-force of powerful vocals to go with it. “Tella Friend” and “Jazz Cigarettes” are laid-back, smoky, and nocturnal, with relaxed flows and smooth instrumentation that flush out the record’s lo-fi ambiance.

On BA SING SE, Hidden Renaissance vocalist CityBoiGreg says, “I’ve never anticipated a drop so badly. And to think- there are waayy more songs like these that didn’t make the cut. Not to mention how ingenious of a way to not only bring the underground together, but an effortless way to push the sound (s) of the underground to new heights. Hidden Renaissance is truly a game changer”.

Fellow Hidden Renaissance vocalist OJ Mountain says, “Hidden Renaissance isn’t a group, or even a collective- it’s an idea. And this idea has allowed me to progress as an artist more than I ever could have imagined. It’s infinitely fulfilling to be able to share an album that is as complete and as passionately crafted as this one. It fundamentally embodies the Hidden Renaissance idea”.

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