Raleigh, North Carolina artist FlyBoi Rell has shared a new project, titled Okami. Preceded by the well received single “Luck”, featuring WoodahOkami finds the Nomads collective member delivering a set of potent, versatile joints that draw from boom-bap, trap, cloud rap, and more. It’s a journey through diverse sounds that remains engaging and dynamic throughout, sparing the listener of any dull moments in the process. Rell himself is a sharp lyricist, with a penchant for storytelling and vibrant, descriptive verses. He shines atop this eclectic set of beats that often consist of atmospheric samples and booming 808s, delivering dextrous, thoughtful verses that further draw the listener in to Okami‘s atmosphere.

“Dawnstar” presents a captivating song early in the album’s tracklisting with a potent, atmospheric sound centred around celestial instrumentation and an expansive rhythm section. The song gives off a feeling of depth, enhanced by Rell’s expressive, detail-rich, and surreal lyricism. “808s and Base” makes for an infectious highlight with its futuristic minimalism, while album single “Luck” provides added diversity with its grimy, jazz-tinged soundscape. Closer “02” brings in sleek organs and heavy, immense keys to create a powerful finisher, hallmarked by Rell’s commanding flows.

Nomads member FlyBoi Rell’s latest record Okami is an odyssey into expressive, versatile sounds that remains enticing and vivid throughout. Give it a listen below and be sure to connect with FlyBoi Rell on social media for more songs and content.

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