Arkansas-born artist YB has dropped off a fresh new album called Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines. YB is what happens when optimism and uplifting content meets melodic trap. He wraps emotional storytelling over hard-hitting 808s and trunk-knocking drums, making for a refreshing blend of sounds and styles. His latest release is the full-length album Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines, a potent set of tracks that pair expansive, cinematic soundscapes with introspective, inspiring verses.

Opener “HOSTAGE” sets the tone for the album with its triumphant horns and cathartic rhythm section, gracefully underscoring YB’s sharp, raw flows. “MOUNTAINS” introduces a melodic style from YB that makes for a hypnotic and catchy listen, adding much replay value to the song. Album single “PRAYING HANDS” makes for a highlight with its combination of vibrant synth sheets and heavy percussion, paired with charismatic vocals from YB. “PLAY FOR KEEPS” includes vital synths and urgent vocals that crescendo in a torrent of energy, making for an invigorating performance from YB.

With the release of Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines, YB continues to transcend the medium with his studio work. Over 10 million streams as an independent artist, and a prolific streak of releases has led to him building much momentum in the underground and beyond. Give his latest release Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines a listen below and be sure to connect with YB while you’re at it for more soon.

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