In a world filled with injustice, inflation, and immorality, Khemist Mayfield seeks change with his newest album, A List Of Demands. The eighteen-track LP is an audio journey of not just Khemist’s own trials and tribulations, but the challenges black individuals face on a daily basis. Prior to the release, Khemist dropped four singles “Dance For Me”, “Streets Don’t Love No One”, “Mexico” and “Night Night”

The leading single for the LP, “Night Night” featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff describes the transition from having issues in the trenches to facing challenges as a superstar. Khemist Mayfield raps about paving his own way out of the trenches in his own way. He paints images of how guns and drugs heavily influence his environment and how he has to steer clear of those negative influences even with an elevated status as a musician. 

A List Of Demands holds a mixture of unique sounds to get his request for change across all parallels while providing some lighthearted tunes. “Mexico” has Khemist rapping over strictly guitar strings and female vocals about being on cloud nine with a woman and how their time together feels like a vacation out on the beachside. Yet, the lyrics have a deeper meaning to where paradise is temporary for some but permanent for others. 

“Filthy Water” featuring Ursula Rucker has Khemist rapping in double-time about life’s struggles and fighting for respect in the hood. He then questions the listener on the hook by asking how where they’re from hindered their growth. Ursula Rucker provides an interlude starting with a Zora Neal Hurston quote “If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.” After the quote, Ursula speaks light to the listener to find the key to their freedom and elevate their vibrations to escape their dilemma. 

A List Of Demands embraces the griot tradition at the foundation of the Black musical canon while challenging musical trends. The LP is produced by Anwar MarshallJack Union, and Anthony BellA List Of Demands boasts appearances from executive producer DJ Jazzy JeffBilalMichael Eric DysonUrsula RuckerSibby LivCJ Johnson (of OH HE DEAD), and Black Buttafly.

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