Los Angeles-based R&B artist Coline Creuzot releases the new single “Nothing”. A thunderous and vocally decadent performance that sheds light on the beauty of finding yourself again after a breakup, “Nothing” impresses listeners with a seductive and powerfully blatant message to the man who broke her heart. Harnessing a slick hook over gritty beats and brazen vocals, the song is crystal clear in making the subject of her heartbreak sorry he ever crossed her. “Nothing” is Coline Creuzot’s moment to glow up with self-worth after igniting her own comeback story, and she soaks up every second of it. Dazzling percussion and a granulose textured backdrop play with stylistic harmonies for an immersive sonic experience, all while exploring the depths of heartbreak through a piercingly honest and delightfully cathartic lens.

Ebony Magazinewas right to call Creuzot an “artist at the forefront”. Creuzot is a 3X Billboard charting artist and has received high acclaim from Rolling Stone, BET, Ladygunn, Essence, Earmilk, and VIBE to name a few.

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