The electrifying collaboration of Bandmanrill, Sha EK, and star producer MCVERTT has struck gold once again with “Bandmanrill & Sha EK Jiggy in Jersey Pt. 3”. This latest release is more than just a testament to the evolving sounds of Jersey Club and New York drill; it’s a bold statement of the musical innovation coming out of Newark and the Bronx. The cross-Hudson trio has managed to blend gritty beats with lyrical finesse, marking a significant progression in their artistic journey.

Backed by Defiant Records and Warner Records, “Bandmanrill Sha EK Jiggy in Jersey Pt. 3” is making waves in the mainstream hip-hop scene, showing the world the undeniable chemistry and raw talent these artists bring to the table. The video takes us through the underdog cities that raised them, with each beat resonating with the authenticity and resilience of their journey. Critics and fans alike are buzzing about the narrative of this tune, as it not only encapsulates the hustle but celebrates the undying spirit of the genre. The album Defiant Presents: Jiggy In Jersey is a fiery mix of drill music and Jersey club, an unstoppable 27-track behemoth that defines the developing hybrid genre, with tracks like “Face Down” and “Mr. D.C.T. Pt. 2” already making a splash on the charts. The strong review from Pitchfork and coverage in Billboard, XXL, BET, and more, highlight the impact “Bandmanrill Sha EK Jiggy in Jersey Pt. 3” is having on the hip-hop community, setting the stage for more innovative beats to come.

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