Detroit rapper Valid has released a new single titled “May 6th,” which pays homage to his Balkan roots and the traditional holiday of Djurdjevdan, celebrated on May 6th. The song, produced by Balkan hip-hop legends Knowwhere2run and Vibin wit DJ Mono, incorporates elements of traditional Balkan music with modern hip-hop, creating an infectious and unique sound.

“May 6th” is a perfect example of Valid’s ability to blend his cultural background with his passion for hip-hop, resulting in a fresh and engaging listening experience. His lyrical prowess and charismatic delivery shine throughout the track, continuing his prolific run since his 2019 debut album Mihajlo and his collaborative LP with Stretch Money, Bill & Isiah.

Valid continues to put on for his city, as he recently appeared in the Detroit Tigers jersey reveal alongside Eminem and Stretch Money. With the release of “May 6th,” Valid solidifies his position as a rising talent in the Detroit hip-hop scene and beyond.

Listen to “May 6th” on streaming platforms and stay tuned for more captivating music from this talented artist, and be sure to watch the new Detroit Tigers jersey reveal video while you’re at it here on our platform.

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