Saneit has caught our attention for her refreshing new project, titled AUTOMATIC. Hailing from the west side of Chicago, the R&B sensation has spent the last few years establishing her name in the ever-changing music circuit; growing and displaying chameleon-like diversity by developing and switching up her sound with every new release. Her latest EP, AUTOMATIC, presents an infectious, diverse set of R&B songs that are entrenched with infectious, vivid melodies and colourful production that matches cohesively with Saneit’s powerful, expressive vocal style.

“Breakfast In The Morning” makes for a highlight early on in the tracklist, with its engaging blend of graceful keys, silky strings, and punchy percussion. Saneit shines as a vocalist with tightly-woven melodies that add to the song’s refined atmosphere, while she pieces together heartfelt, catchy lines throughout. “Be The One” is a groove-heavy masterpiece, with its rich bass and captivating vocals creating a sensuous, smoky air to the track. “LOVE” is a poignant, refreshing joint with fast-paced percussion that gives the song a sense of urgency, paired with sweltering bass and warm guitars underscoring her poignant vocal performance.

AUTOMATIC is the long-awaited EP of R&B sensation, Saneit. Throughout the years, Saneit has shown herself to be focused, driven and passionate about honing her gift and this project is the sum of that work. Her voice brings back the style of R&B many people wish was more prevalent in music today, while also providing a contemporary and unique twist to the genre. With lead single “Be The One,” we get to experience her passion, and desire to remain in a relationship that she doesn’t want from anyone else. “Who gon’ love me like you love me, ain’t nobody else. Say you’ll be the one.” If there’s one word that describes this songstress, it’s soul. Step into her world, and leave wanting more; she is definitely here for the long haul.

Listen to AUTOMATIC here:

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