Hollow Earth Theory is a 4 man lyrical assemble of raw MCs from South Austin Texas responsible for delivering smooth sounds of raw heartfelt hip hop.

Liable for generating an exciting feeling to true hip hop fans through their music this rugged wordplay collective consists of 4 family members by the names of Gross Prophet, Denali, Blanco & Big Ton

Each bringing their own style & energy to this unique formation Displaying clever bars & the perfect metaphors to get stuck in your head for days on end.

“Hollow Earth Theory have been on an impeccable run as of late, matching consistent releases with a deeply unique sense of artistry that only improves & expands with each new release” – Lyrical Lemonade

“Hollow Earth Theory share an erratic, clever rhyme style with a cold-as-ice cadence which makes them a unique proposition” – XXL Magazine

“There’s an addictive quality to their new Single 3 in the morning” – iheart Radio


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