DAMAG3, NOIR BENNY, and UNDERRATED ARTIST SEASON have shared a new single called “BIG SMOKE”. Their newest song “BIG SMOKE” is a hard-hitting, diverse single marks a solid release that blends elements of rock, hip-hop and punk for a poignant listen. It’s simply refreshing when artists can craft a cohesive combination of genres, all the while maintaining their chemistry and collective vision. DAMAG3, NOIR BENNY, and UNDERRATED ARTIST SEASON do just that with their new song “BIG SMOKE”, a heavy hitter that could rattle any trunk and invigorate listeners, while injecting catchiness to give it much replay value.

Raw sheets of electric guitars create an invigorating groove on “BIG SMOKE”, paired with heavy percussion and exciting basslines. Building dynamically beneath the emcee’s sharp flows, the instrumentation instills feelings of passion and rebellion, blending cohesively with their poltically-charged, rebellious lyricism and immense flows. It’s a potent track overall that serves as a testament to these artists’ versatility and lyrical skills. Give “BIG SMOKE” a listen below now.

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