Richmond-to-LA rapper, producer, and songwriter Peter $un today announced his next EP, 3PIECEis set to arrive August 15 via Red Bull Records/Mind of a Genius. Leading with the new single, “My Favorite Drug,” the track sets the tone for summer with its groovy house-inspired beat and Sunny’s signature laid-back flow. It’s a vibe shift from his previous EP, Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety, which saw him process his brother’s passing in a deeply personal and introspective musical journey. Sunny is back and just wants people to let loose. That couldn’t be more clear in the accompanying video where we find him in a desert-fueled fever dream complete with a dance sequence and an off-road car chase. 

Sunny shares, “I feel like coming out of Covid and all the losses we’ve had the past couple years, my music was reflecting that during the time of my EP, ‘Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety’. With the new music, I really wanted to make people feel good and dance. It’s got that funk/house bounce to it. This one is for the house parties, the cook outs, and all that.

3PIECE will mark Sunny’s first body of work in 2023, following a busy year of live performances and forthcoming projects. In April he played to a packed crowd at LA’s famed Roxy alongside YGTUT, and in May he took to Anderson .Paak’s beloved .Paak House event in Ventura. Later this summer, his episode of the popular YouTube series “On Site” will air from the creators at Spring Hill Company, the entertainment development and production company founded by LeBron James and Maverick Carter. The video will debut a special live version of his new song, “Burn Like Fire.” Beyond music, Sunny continues to lean into his passion for painting with his talents on display in the artwork for 3PIECE and more to come.

     3PIECE Tracklist

  1. Burn Like Fire
  2. My Favorite Drug
  3. Perfect Timing


Peter $un commits all of his emotions, thoughts, and truths to tape. He never holds back. The Richmond-born and Los Angeles-based rapper, vocalist, and producer confronts his trauma, discloses his ambitions, and embraces his potential over a soundtrack of future-facing hip-hop laced with eloquent jazz-style instrumentation and filled to the brim with undeniable soul. As a kid, he fell in love with music. Dad worked late and often returned home around midnight. However, he would put a four-year-old Sunny on his chest and listen to jazz on the radio as his son slept. Eventually, mom introduced Sunny to D’Angelo before he discovered Tupac on his own. He initially gravitated to sports, playing basketball and excelling on the baseball field. In high school, a friend recognized he could sing and encouraged him, so he picked up a mic. He gained traction with the 2016 mixtape Paradise Is A Day Away. Joined by producer and longtime collaborator Blue Rondo, he unveiled Don’t Forget To Smile in 2018. The project boasted “Love Drunk Lust (Make It Hard)” [feat. Trip Carter & KnottRudy], raking in 3.9 million Spotify streams and counting. 2021 saw him unveil Scumbaby, including fan favorites “Work” and “Sometimes.” Inciting widespread tastemaker applause, OkayPlayer hailed it as “an introspective exploration of rap fused with jazz and soul,” and KAZI crowned him “a creative music force.” After generating millions of streams and earning acclaim from Ones To Watch, Lyrical Lemonade, DJ Booth, and more, he bleeds without filter on his 2022 EP, Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety [Mind of a Genius Records/Red Bull Records].


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