Nkosi Bourne has shared a new video for his single “Final Form”. A conscious rapper with the melodic skills needed to reach a mainstream audience, Nkosi Bourne blends the sounds of classic hip-hop with his Afro-Caribbean heritage to create a powerful, emotive style. The Brooklyn-based rapper has been honing his craft in private for years, but now he is ready to emerge on the scene and make his presence felt. His latest offering is a stunning presentation of textural, vivid clips that match the track’s laid-back, organic soulfulness. The song finds the rapper putting his lyrical abilities on full display, paired with a visual that neglects the frills for a simple but engaging look at Bourne’s hometown of Brooklyn and snapshots of his daily life.

“Final Form”‘s layered, soul-sampled production and introspective flows blend influences from NY’s hip-hop traditions with modern stylings for a refreshing release. The video’s quintessentially New York feel add to the song’s rich, East Coast rhythms, giving this offering an authenticity that is difficult to overlook. Check out the new video for “Final Form” below and further familiarize yourself with Nkosi Bourne.

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