Corbin Adler is an impressive new artist that came onto our radar recently. He’s someone that can straddle various genres with ease- blending them into a cohesive, potent mixture that draws listeners in and commands attention. His latest song, “EAT THE RICH”, is no exception, with its engaging influences from R&B, alt-pop, and more. Here, his songwriting stands out for its catchy, focused feel, with soaring choruses, immense verses, and powerful instrumentation. It’s a performance that makes it hard to turn away and focus on anything else, as he dynamically builds his performance atop an orchestral tapestry of vivid instruments. Adler handles the track with ease, laying down line after line of replayable, character-rich material. Underscored by expansive synth lines, rich bass, and potent percussion, Adler delivers a truly poignant song with “EAT THE RICH”. Give it a listen here now.

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