Brooklyn-based artist Chloe Lilac has returned to the music scene with a bang, releasing her latest single, “Sawed Off Shotgun.” The track showcases Lilac’s incredible talent for blending genres and crafting energetic, emotionally charged songs that captivate listeners from start to finish.

“Sawed Off Shotgun” is a perfect example of Chloe Lilac’s innovative sound and willingness to take risks in her music. The song features driving bass, pounding percussion, and gritty guitars that perfectly complement Lilac’s powerful vocals. The catchy chorus, punctuated by layers of dynamic synths, adds an extra punch that makes “Sawed Off Shotgun” an enticing listen.

The music video for “Sawed Off Shotgun” further enhances the song’s energy and creative approach. Filmed in a minimalistic, raw space, the video showcases Lilac’s commanding stage presence and outside-the-box creativity. The gritty, underground vibe perfectly captures the rebellious spirit of the track and Chloe Lilac’s artistry.

Take a listen to Chloe Lilac’s new song “Sawed Off Shotgun” here and check out the new music video while you’re at it.

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