Asian-American rappers Star2, ChinaTownRunner, and $tupid Young release the new single / video entitled “FWM”. The single precedes Star2 and ChinaTownRunner’s upcoming EP and sets the bar high with haunting cavernous beats and dark melodic flow.

Each of them affirm that they are “about money” in their separate verses and all ask listeners to “come and F*** With Me.” The music video for “FWM” captures Star2, ChinaTownRunner, and $tupid Young in a graffiti-stroked garage full of sports cars and women. Leaning into the sheer magnitude of the track itself, the visuals for “FWM” zero in on each rapper for an intense performance.

Star2 and ChinaTownRunner are preparing to embark on a summer tour with $tupid Young set to appear at multiple dates. Additionally, Star2 and ChinaTownRunner will perform on July 6th in support of the annual Ka-ren Soccer Tournament and Concert in South Dakota. 

Star2 is a refugee artist from the Mae La refugee camp in Thailand. Star2’s documentary, RETURN TO KAWTHOOLEI: A Refugee Rapper’s Journey to His Homeland in Burma will be screened at the New Media Film Festival in LA on June 6th. So far, the documentary has been awarded with “Best Short Documentary” at the Malaysian Film Festival, “Best Documentary” at the Busan New Wave Short Film Festival in S. Korea, “Best Web and Media” at the IndieX Film Fest in LA, and “Exceptional Merit in Docu-drama Short & Human Spirit” at the Documentaries Without Borders Film Festival. Star2 returns to Thailand in May for his second trip.

Star2 and ChinaTownRunner Tour Dates:

August 3rd – Denver, CO

August 10th – Lincoln, NE

August 17th – Waterloo, IA

August 24th – St. Paul, MN

August 31st – Milwaukee, WI

September 7th – Fort Wayne, IN

September 14th – Buffalo, NY

September 21st – Charlotte, NC

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